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The Kaiser Companies Sales Optimization Program thoroughly reviews, analyzes and identifies all opportunities that can be changed or improved to provide maximum results. The seven focus areas are part of our Strategy Assessment, Validation and Evaluation (SAVE) methodology to gather information, make recommendations and then implement solutions.

Kaiser Companies will focus on the following: 

The Sales Optimization Program evaluates practices, policies, procedures and processes in every area that can impact sales and provide opportunity for improvement.

Sales Personnel - Recruiting, Interviewing, Behavioral Profiles and Hiring Practices
Sales Organization Review - Structure, Models, Teams, Territories, Channels and Infrastructure
Sales Training - Process, Development, Customization and Train-the-Trainer Programs
Sales Management - Roles, Resources, Process and Leadership Development
Sales Compensation - Reward Systems, Incentives, Behavior Goals, Measurements and Performance Management
Performance Management - Metrics, Goals, Reporting and Tracking, CRM, Accountability and Expectations
Sales Plan and Communication - Plans, Facilitation, Programs, and Progress
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