How are Sales?

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Have you ever asked a business owner, how are your sales? Did they answer, “Great, couldn’t be better?” Really it would be shocking to get that kind of reply. In fact, we have never heard an executive say their sales were so great and couldn’t be better. We typically hear – “Could be better – a lot better!”

Why is it difficult to improve sales? Business leaders are often faced with the daunting challenge of defining what obstacles are preventing the organization from moving forward. Left to their own internal devices, the outcome usually is a “trial and error” methodology of figuring out how to increase sales. The results, in any, are usually incremental steps of improvement, but not substantial gains. The primary reason companies fail to move forward is the lack of experience in the organization to really tackle the entire sales process end-to-end, from hiring practices to winning more business.

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} High Turnover
} Slow Ramp-Up
} Low Productivity
}    Staggering Costs of Sales
} Poor Performance
} Low Close Ratios
} No Foundation for Growth

What obstacles are in your way of moving forward?