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The Kaiser Companies Sales Optimization Program increases performance, productivity and profitability by using experience and proven methods for addressing common obstacles organizations face in maximizing sales. Every engagement is customized to the needs of the client.

Types of services we offer include: 

} Behavioral Profiling - We will focus on profiling existing sales personnel to provide an assessment of abilities based on roles and uncover gaps within the sales   organization to then provide the precise recommendations for bridging the gaps.  
} Recruiting and Hiring - We will provide assistance in developing best practices for recruitment and hiring to ensure our clients make the appropriate placements, hire stars and retain top talent.  
} Team Structure - We will assess the existing sales team structure and then develop a plan based on talent availability and overall objectives of the organization to ensure the right structure is in place to accomplish the missions and objectives.  
} Contact Management We will review the existing CRM infrastructure to ensure there is a comprehensive contact management strategy in place and utilized to capture all leads, document actions and manage activities for optimum results.  
} Goal Setting We will assist the sales management and team in setting and executing goals which align with companies strategic objectives. We will develop a sales plan that will reach the goals and create the compensation structure to reward the behaviors that help management achieve the goals and more.  
} Specified Benchmarks We will provide success metrics and benchmarks to be determined and agreed upon according to our clients needs and vision, then provide the resources to continue to measure success.  

  } Sales Optimization Program   } SAVE

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