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Kaiser Companies partners with clients to optimize sales strategies by building the right structure to bridge our client’s performance today to their visions of long-term profitability and growth. We analyze, recommend and implement strategies to accelerate sales, improve close ratios and create predictability – maximizing results.

Jim has formed a partner team of senior executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs together to create the most qualified sales consulting organization. The depth and breadth of the partners at Kaiser Companies ensures every client an incredible wealth of  experience in multiple disciplines, cross-industry and with diverse perspectives. There is no other team qualified to do what Kaiser Companies does today. Leverage our experience and know-how to create a high producing sales team within your organization.

We work closely with your clients on tailoring a program that starts from the beginning on assessing the team, recruiting “stars”, rewarding outstanding performance to the end of closing deals and creating a predictable, stable sales structure. We work with you to build a blueprint for success.

Kaiser Companies was founded by Jim Kaiser, a serial entrepreneur and renowned sales expert. He has moved his passion for sales into a performance consulting company that helps organizations move forward and realize their business objectives and vision.

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